Local Government 

Reeve Penny McMorris vb.mcmorris@gmail.com
Councillor Graham Randle vicbeach@mymts.net
Councillor Irwin Kumka vicbeach@mymts.net
Councillor Mike Bartmanovich vicbeach@mymts.net
Councillor Steve Axworthy
Please note that all Council meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held in our municipal office at 705 - 1661 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg. During the summer months we host four meetings at Victoria Beach on the 3rd Tuesday in June, July, August. The September 4th meeting will be at the East Beaches Sr. Scene at 7 p.m.  September 18th meeting will be in Winnipeg.
Please also check this page periodically for possible changes to meeting dates.

Council Committees:
Public Works Committee - All Members of Council
Finance and Personnel Committee - All Members of Council